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Indian food is incomplete without the flavours of pickles and chutneys. Making pickles is not just a culinary art but a memory that exhilarates childhood in Indian households. The spicy and tangy flavours that our grandmothers put into an exquisite range of pickles is mouth-watering. Ramadevi Foods (RDP) Pickles take you back down those memory lanes. Our South Indian pickles are the perfect blend of flavours and spices with a scrumptious range of raw material and ingredients, carefully handpicked to ensure the tastiest experience.

We present to you homemade pickles and podis directly from the kitchens of grannies of South India!

Variety is the Spice of Life and the Pickle of Your Choice

Do you love pickles as much as we do? Are you bored of eating from that one pickle jar every night? Worry not!

Ramadevi Foods (RDP) Foods have the most lip-smacking variety of South Indian pickles and pastes you'll ever find. For the meals that remind you of the sunny afternoons spent in your granny’s verandah, eat our traditional Mango Avakaya and Cut Mango Pickle. Add flavours to the regular boring everyday meals with our Tomato Pickle and Lemon Pickle. Or are you the one who prefers adventurous combinations of flavours? In that case, we got your back with the delectable taste of our Karela Pickle and the tangy relish of our Gongura Pickle. For our spicy Indians, we have your favourite Red Chilli Pickle. The variety of pickles and flavours at Ramadevi Foods (RDP) will cater to all your moods and cravings. You just have to pick your choice. From Amla to Ginger Pickle, we have all the palatable flavours to savour your platter.

Varieties are important for Indians. Why? Because in India, the distinct variety of flavours and cuisines remind us of our enriched heritage and deep-rooted ancient customs. Our Tamarind Pickle and Chitrannam Paste will take you time travelling in memories. Indian taste buds are evolved to taste different flavours every day. If

we love variety so much, then why compromise on our favourite treat! Enjoy a variety of pickles and pastes only at Ramadevi Foods (RDP).

Why Should You Choose Ramadevi Foods (RDP) Pickles?

Pickling is probably the most age-old culinary custom of Indian households. With the evolution of lifestyle, making homemade pickles is getting tricky. But there is absolutely no Indian who doesn’t wish to relish the taste palate of homemade pickles. Jump right back to your summer holiday memories of stealing pickles and narrate these stories to your kids with the best South Indian homemade pickles from Ramadevi Foods (RDP) Foods!

Ramadevi Foods (RDP) is a women-run enterprise. Not only do these pickles have the same taste as you used to savour from your granny’s hands but also the same love that you have always felt. As your granny used to make sure that you savour the healthiest flavours, so do we at Ramadevi Foods (RDP). Finding additives and preservatives free pickles could be a daunting task. We ease out the burden for you by stimulating your taste buds with preservative-free pickles and podis. Ramadevi Foods (RDP) Foods is FSSAI certified ensuring the best quality with the best flavours. Trust us! The tangy flavours of homemade pickles at Ramadevi Foods (RDP) is just what you need at your dinner table.

Convenient Process, Fresh Pickles and Safe Delivery

We, at Ramadevi Foods (RDP), smooth out the process of online ordering for you. Enjoy hassle-free orders all over India and if you wish to relish the taste of the yummiest pickles across borders, then contact us personally and we will cater to your flavours. Not only can you use debit cards and credit cards to order your favourite pickles and podis, but also UPI and Paytm at Ramadevi Foods (RDP)

Like your grannies, we also make sure that every bite you savour is fresh and healthy. Freshness is the indicator of quality pickles and podis. A fresh bite of piquant flavours is what Ramadevi Foods (RDP) is all about! Even the seasonal pickles that are

stocked are freshly prepared for your orders. To ensure that the pickles and podis reach intact from our kitchens to your tables, we package them safely in 3 layers and make sure they are tamper-free. Ramadevi Foods (RDP) do not wish to be just a part of your food mania but also to be a part of your family. After all, this is India! We are always at your service for all your doubts. Whenever you are in a fix as to what you should order, we will come to your rescue.

Order your favourite pickles and podis at Ramadevi Foods (RDP) and enjoy the best South Indian flavours.