Spicy chutney powders

Spicy chutney powders

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20 products

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The childhood of every Indian is filled with the smell and taste of spicy chutneys. Running around the house with pickles and chutneys are the memories that always stay alive in every Indian home. In South Indian homes, especially, not one meal goes without the exotic flavours of podis and chutney powders. This represents the cuisine of South India with complete authenticity and traditions. When someone leaves the comforts of their homes to study or work in a new place, their grandmothers pack with them all the podis they can get their hands on. The smell and taste of podis hold the memories and love of their families. RDP Podis bring back those memories in your heart and the same flavours in your mouth.

All the way from the kitchens of South India, homemade pickles and podis are coming your way, carrying the love of grannies in their taste.
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You Can Never Have Too Many Podis and Chutneys

South Indian homes are filled with a variety of lip-smacking and mouth-watering podis. From the traditional flavours of Idli & Dosa Powder to the exotic taste of Karela Powder, we have podis and chutneys for all your moods and cravings. Now journey back to your childhood and share your culture and heritage with your kids and family. Remind them of their roots with new flavours every day.

For flavours that take back to your granny’s courtyards, indulge yourself and your kids into delectable Sambar Powder and Rasam Powder. For the times, when stories from childhood remind you of the old carefree life, savour some Velluli Karam or your favourite Spicy Garlic Powder. Bring back the traditional flavours of cuisines into your kitchens with the memorable and exotic taste of Nalla Karam, Chintaku Podi and Pappula Podi. Does your mother also say that the taste from their childhood is now lost? Bring the same authentic and traditional flavours back into her life with the palatable taste of Coconut-Garlic Chutney Powder and Curry Leaves Powder.

When the smell of freshly made podis and chutney will spread around the house, watch your family slowly making their way to your kitchen! Nothing beats the taste of South Indian podis and chutneys on your taste buds. Enjoy your meals with Chenikaya Podi, Chitlam Podi and Vangibath Powder. For all your meals and family time, RDP Foods presents to you the most flavoursome Podi Chutney.

Now let the variety of flavours fill your house with old memories. Don’t forget to make some new memories with the exotic and spicy taste of homemade podis and chutney powders from RDP Foods.

RDP Foods: Your Choice Now and Always

Food carries memories. This is why some flavours feel home-like and some feel foreign to you. The memories of chutneys and podis tingle the smell and taste of the same old childhood. Even if you have never tasted podis before, it is sure to take you all the way to South India. These chutney powders are bound to remind you of your roots because they share the true love of mothers and grandmothers.

RDP Foods is run from the kitchen of South Indian grannies. They don't just want you to relish the flavours from your childhood but also the same unconditional love you felt every time you ate from the hands of your grandmothers. With the same selfless spirit, RDP Foods ensures you not just the tastiest but also the healthiest flavours. It is a promise we make to your mothers and grandmothers! Find additives and preservatives free podis and chutney powders only at RDP Foods. We are also FSSAI certified, ensuring you the best quality with the best taste. Make every meal a celebration of memories with RDP Podis and Chutney Powders. 

Hassle-Free Process, Fresh Podis, Safe and Smooth Delivery

Ordering your favourite podis is now smooth and easy! Online orders are available all over India at RDP Foods. You may use credit cards and debit cards as well as

Paytm and UPI to relish the taste of the best podis and chutney powders. We even cater to your cravings outside India. Contact us personally if you wish to savour the homemade flavours of pickles and podis all the way from South India.

RDP Foods is a promise of freshness. Freshness reflects the true quality of podis and chutney powders. It is what RDP Foods is all about. To make sure that our podis and powders reach your meals just the way your grannies would have served, we pack them in 3 layers to ensure the safest delivery. RDP Foods is a family and we wish to become a part of yours. For all your queries, your doubts and your feedback, we are at your service.

Order the best podis and chutney powders from South India and enjoy the most authentic homemade flavours at your home with RDP Foods.