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Here comes our story!

Hello guys, Hasini here, grand daughter of Founder - Rama Devi garu. And I am totally excited to tell your our story. Trust me, I will make it short and interesting :)

RDP food products Founder - Rama devi garu

So, Here is my 68 Years old energetic granny, lover of cooking ;)

Yes, it all started 25 years ago, back in 1997 at Proddatur (Home town). My granny started business for financial freedom - Yes, you are correct, she is so innovative, daring and dashing. And it was and is a complete women enterprise. Bravo right? Every one in our town loved the way she makes the pickles and podis. If you are a south Indian then you would understand the feel of how important is pickle or podi to our taste buds.. Hahaa.

And my grand pa totally loved her idea and supported her in all possible ways and later in 2008, she wanted to retire, but unfortunately my father met with an accident where in he has lost his memory and so for survival my granny has handed over her business to her daughter a.k.a my mother. And with in few years, everything was good and we became financially stable and my mom and dad became TALK OF THE TOWN for making best healthy n yummy products.

Yes, this is the point where the idea of selling my granny's delicacies on website was born in my brother's brain. And here comes my handsome and intelligent brother ;)

He loves doing experiments with life. He left the Job after B.Tech and has started the website and made it profitable. But he had to leave to Hyderabad after a couple of years and now he is a pilot. I have already told you that he loves doing experiments with life.

And then we had our mama (Raghu) who quit his job with 17+ years of experience in various functions and companies working in Mumbai/Pune and joined our business recently. Because, he also believes that companies serving authentic & traditional food is very less these days and we have potential to scale up.  And he brings in lot of corporate expertise for us to grow :)

And here comes my story... After my graduation in Agriculture B.sc at Hyderabad, I realized few things.

Do you know how much important is pickle or podi to hostlers or bachelors or working women? 

Do you know that it's really hard to find the healthy food products that are free from additives or preservatives?

Do you know that the products that are available on supermarkets shelves are not fresh?

Yes, there is a necessity for these type of homemade pickles and podis and We have it and My granny personally assists with the recipes. Yes, these are age old delicacies with bunch of health benefits and with tons of sweet memories to many. 

This is where my brain told me to follow my granny's passion and serve the customers with the best food. And also help my fellow women in the working area.

And here we are assuring you the best Homemade, age old food products with natural ingredients free of preservatives or additives.

Find all the pickle and podi varieties in the home page

I am sure many of you have child hood sweet memories when it comes to pickles or podis at ammamma's house.We often remember them while packing your box of memories!

Our Women enterprise is also FSSAI Certified assuring you the best quality :)

RDP Food products 3 generations in one pic. CEO, Founder and Ecommerce Head

 Left - CEO of Ramadevifoods - Sirisha Rani garu

Middle - Founder of Ramadevifoods - Rama devi garu

Right - CMO of Ramadevifoods - Hasini