Tamarind Pickle
Tamarind Pickle

Tamarind Pickle


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  • Yes, Tamarind pickle is a seasonal pickle, but, don’t worry... We follow the methods taught by our granny. So, what we do is, grind fresh raw tamarinds in the season & store them by mixing in the salt just like in the olden days. So, whenever someone orders, we make fresh pickles by grinding the mixture with green chillies, fenugreek seeds, garlic & turmeric powder and ensuring you receive fresh pickles :)
      • Made with good quality raw tamarinds & so you can enjoy its health benefits of anti-bacterial properties, anti-ageing properties, improves digestive health & removes bad cholesterol. And thus making it safe for consumption for pregnant ladies.
      • Homemade, No artificial preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours are used.
  • Packed in leakproof, food-grade packaging material ensuring it reaches the customer safely.

  • Tamarind, salt, green chillies, fenugreek seeds, garlic, turmeric powder.

    Shelf life - 1 year at room temperature.

    Yes, tamarind has its own speciality for ages. 

    The sight of the pickle itself gives a mouth-watering feel.

    • The best way to eat RDP’s Tamarind pickle is with curd rice. Just add a spoon of RDP’s Tamarind pickle to your curd rice & enjoy.
    • There is another traditional way that you can enjoy RDP’s Tamarind pickle with curd rice. Have you ever heard this from your granny? - mixing curd rice with tamarind pickle and then leaving it in a pot for the whole night & then consuming this tasty and healthy mixture as a breakfast!
    • Make a super easy delicious chutney with RDP’s Tamarind pickle/ Tokku. Take a pan, add 2-3 spoons of oil, then mustard seeds, chopped onions & then 5-6 spoons of RDP’s Tamarind pickle, mix well. That’s it, delicious Tamarind chutney is ready & you can enjoy it with Dosa or vada or Mysore Bonda or plain hot rice.


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    Excellent taste,,,,,very good service....

    Excellent taste,,,,,very good service....

    Thank You 🙏

    Thank You 🙏

    5 Stars

    5 Stars- Very Good

    I had ordered pickles n sweets. Both taste awesome. Want to order more.

    I had ordered pickles n sweets. Both taste awesome. Want to order more.

    Sulochana J R
    4 Stars - Good

    4 Stars - Good

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