Velluli karam (Very very Spicy garlic powder)
Velluli karam (Very very Spicy garlic powder)
Velluli karam (Very very Spicy garlic powder)
Velluli karam (Very very Spicy garlic powder)

Velluli karam (Very very Spicy garlic powder)


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    • Freshly prepared & packed on the same day of dispatch.
    • Made with fresh ingredients so that you can enjoy the spiciest flavours of Garlic podi with every dish.
    • Homemade, No artificial preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours are used.
  • Packed in leakproof, food-grade packaging material ensuring it reaches the customer safely.

    • Garlic, Red chillies, Coconut flakes, Salt, Cumin, Coriander seeds, Curry leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Edible oil.
    • Shelf life - 6 months at room temperature.

    The spiciest podi of RDP. 

    Method 1 :

    The traditional way of enjoying RDP’s Spicy Garlic Podi is eating it with Hot rice & ghee. 

    Caution - Only add a pinch of Garlic podi to your rice to enjoy more flavour since it is very very spicy.  

    Method 2: Spicy Uttapams

    The best way of eating RDP’s spiciest Garlic podi is - Sprinkling on your Utappam/ Half boiled egg/ Masala omelette. You surely gonna love the spicy & pungent flavours of Red chillies & garlic.

    Method 3: Velluli Curries

    You may also use this Podi as a spice and add it to your curries. This will not only enhance its flavours but also lend a unique garlic-y taste that will surprise all your guests. Velluli Curries are best for people who love spicy food.

    Method 4: Garlic-y Seasonings

    Surprise your kids the next time you make pasta or pizza at home. Sprinkle some of the Velluli Karam Powder on top of it as a seasoning. Ditch boring Chilli Flakes and go Desi with RDP’s Velluli Karam.

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